Adi Cohen

Adi Cohen is a global nomad architect, entrepreneur, and free thinker. While not having a singular location to live from, she has completed projects all over the world. Adi has created "The New Movement,” an architecture studio that designs one of a kind projects across the globe. She hopes to inspire others to allow their creativity to fuel their work and break out of the social norm that we have constructed within society.

In a world where the advancements of technology have eased our lifestyle, new possibilities are available that drastically change the current structure of society. From employee to employer, from office work to home, our working relationships have changed, and with it, possibilities for the future.


A message from Adi to TEDxIDCHerzliya followers:


"We have the chance to rethink and reinvent our reality. This is very exciting, and I am honored to be part of it. Speaking at TEDx is an incredible opportunity to share my views of the world and hopefully impact the way people think, act, and make choices in their lives.”