Weekly Thoughts

Written by Content Director      Dina Kirshner

TEDxIDCHerzliya: Covid-19 in our millennium


I was born in the year 2000. The year that kicked off the new millennium. It's only been 20 years and the Internet and I have grown up so much. As a product of this new millennium I often feel as if technology and I have created this coming of age story. We watch each other change, transform, and grow to be something bigger and better with each passing year. When I was one, I was just starting to say my first words, Apple introduced the first iPod; the world of music transformed and every song was at your fingertips. When I was five I had just graduated kindergarten when YouTube was created, suddenly creators from all over the world were sharing videos and creating online communities. When I was 10 and learning how to type on a computer, the Instagram App launched and the world would never be the same, the wave of social media came crashing down at full speed and likes, shares and comments became the new currency. When I was 15 and wanting to learn how to drive, Tesla came out with the first self driving car.  And here I am today at 20 years old just finishing my first year of college in the middle of a pandemic in 2020 and I never thought that a video conferencing technology would take over my life.  

At the start of 2020 optimism seemed to be at all time high, the start of a new decade meant the start of new promises, opportunities and possibilities. For many, 2020 represented the future, this shiny realm of hope and light, the year to remember. Yet, as the months moved forward and the adrenaline rush of a new year started to slow down, tragedy after tragedy seemed to erupt and 2020 became the most memorable year in an unprecedented way. At the brink of winter, a new strain of Coronavirus made its way around the world, an epidemic which soon became a pandemic. What made the world halt in its place for some, accelerated the work of others and an unwanted new normal greeted everyone by surprise. 


Postponed became cancelled, Until further notice became To be determined. In person was no longer available and the simulated meeting place Online was the only thing left in stock. Words like Virtual this and Digital that became the vocabulary that will define this new year. 2020 in many ways is the year of technology as it has now made its way into every wake of life. Online shopping, food delivery services, Zoom meetings of every sort has allowed us to continue on and push through. Events, parties and conferences took on a new look in this digital frontier and showed us how all the things we thought could never be done online found a way. 2020 is a defining decade for myself and the future of technology. We both have been pushed to our limitations and have adjusted and transitioned into new mostly uncomfortable ways but we are still growing. We are still maturing and figuring out what is the next move and for that I am grateful to have a running mate that is as determined as I am to change, innovate and move forward towards a better future. Here's hoping that by 2025 I can look back and ponder on what I thought to be unimaginable.