Erez Kaganovitz

Erez is a photographer, speaker, and the human behind the Humans of Tel Aviv, Humans of Israel, and Humans of the Holocaust projects. Through his work on these projects, Erez has helped bridge a cultural gap in society both within and outside of Israel. His work brings understanding, emotional connection, and unity to many around the world.

The new millennium requires new storytelling tactics. The way we give and receive information via social media has changed the way personal stories impact society around us. Join us for a visual journey illustrating the impact of technological storytelling on the world.


A message from Erez

to TEDxIDCHerzliya followers:


“I want to show a different approach to how we should tell the stories that we all know. I realized that Via Virtual storytelling I can Ignite a spark of curiosity that will lead people to see and explore more. If we will tell our stories in a fascinating and unexpected way we will give people the opportunity to learn new things about the world and eventually about themselves.”