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Itamar Sivan

Dr. Sivan is a quantum physicist and a tech entrepreneur. Dr Sivan is a prominent figure in the global race towards harnessing the power of quantum for one of the biggest technological revolutions our species has ever known. Combining deep knowledge of quantum theory, hands-on experience developing quantum devices, and his position as CEO of a quantum computing startup, Itamar is determined to make useful quantum computers a reality.

The new millennium is going to be nothing like any other human civilization has ever seen. Technology will evolve to new horizons far beyond anything we can imagine today. The dawn of quantum computers is likely to be the number one driver for that and is no longer science fiction.


A message from Itamar

to TEDxIDCHerzliya followers:


”Predicting the future technology awaiting us in the upcoming millennium and its influence on mankind is like expecting a caveman to have anticipated the emergence of computers. It is practically impossible. I would like to show you how quantum computers are likely to accelerate us into a world far beyond anything we can envision today."