Written by Co-Orgenisers      Yitzi Zobin & Shimon Packer


“The New Millennium”

2000 – 3000


The new millennium has seen and been part of major changes like no period before.  In the past 20 years humans have developed more than in our entire history in all fields: science, life Humans, Medicine, Technology, innovation, education and so on. 

If a person left earth before the year 2000 and came back today he would find a completely different place.

A new world almost one where humans and technology have built a new image/reality for themselves.

In today’s day and age, most of the Western world has the luxury of a streamlined life from home. The technological advancements we’ve made as a species presents boundless privileges, like a higher standard of living, greater understanding of social issues, and explore new opportunities in the fields of science and technology.  From the way we take care of our businesses to the way we take care of our bodies; the new millennium has changed the way we humanize. 


One does not have to leave your house today to live. You can work, eat play and more right from your bed and do it like a king.  Changes are for the good and for the bad. The question is where is this going? Are the changes good for mankind? Are we getting better or worse as people? 

The world, along with the people who collectively contributed to its greatness, are ever debating the consequences of its progress. 

TEDxIDCHerzliya New Millennium gives the opportunity to ponder questions, ideas and contributions of our new millennium on stage through the eyes of the incredible individuals who are a part of creating this new reality.  




The New Millennium - in short

Here are some of the ideas we may wish to explore in our program:

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

 Where is the future of innovation in the new millennium, is there room for more and what are the challenges that need to be overcome in order to advance? Faced with large corporations and conglomerates together with the advancements in Big Data, is the world of entrepreneurship a skill available and open to everyone? 

This topic includes the sharing of advancements in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation. Focusing on how and in what ways people in the new millennium have faced and overcome difficulties in the world of business. Suitable speakers for this topic are people who were able to harness the tools and mindset of the new millennium to bring a meaningful contribution to how we innovate. Speakers for this subject can be found in the Israeli startup ecosystem particularly IDC Alumni, where a variety of appropriate individuals have been identified to share their stories, challenges and ideas on how to better overcome the difficulties in innovation in the new millennium.  


With major breakthroughs in the scientific arena we have made key advancements in all fields of science. From our understanding of the human mind and body to finding critical elements to better understand our universe. From examining the depths of our ocean to realizing the consequences of climate change. The new millennium and our understanding of modern science brings to light fundamental changes in our approach to the problems and consequences of human influence on our planet and environment. As the new millennium has many advancements that come with a price. The last decade has seen a large amount of debate on the price being paid for environmental issues, its consequences, climate change and other anthropogenic activities. Speakers in this field can be found in the leading university labs, research facilities, and the IDC School of Sustainability.



As the world becomes more and more modernized, and research in the field of quantum computing and AI is expanding rapidly, it is important to share ideas concerning the modern implication of these breakthroughs in order to raise awareness on how technology integrates into daily life. The definition of technology has expanded into almost every form of modern life, even people have become a type of technology when factoring information and internet/connection capabilities. Humans and technology have become intertwined and as a result affects the change in dependency of humans on technology. Are technological advancements happening too fast for humankind to keep up? What “relevancy” will humans have in the next 100 years? Speakers for this subject can be found in technology firms focusing on technology or High-Tech companies that have made advancements in this field. As well research based on social physiological impacts from technology. 



The new millennium brings changes and advancements in almost every field we know, live and experience. With open progressions in many scientific and technological fields, the world of mental health and emotional connection still remains a relatively “closed” subject. The way we view trauma, the impact of experiences on the human mind, emotional distress is an issue more at hand today than ever in our past. It is necessary to bring this subject into the light in order to respect these emotions and the human connection. With today's various colors of social media and “selfie” culture, the

changes in the dating world and even the way we socialize self-help, physiological-mental relationships, and the impacts of mindset is critical to “come out of the closet” once and for all. Speakers of this topic can be found in the IDC community who have experience in this matter especially in times of the COVID-19 Pandemic or Doctor of Psychology who have done research also framed by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Knowledge and culture   

The advancements in the area of education be it in formal/informal education or new management styles in organizational/structural environments. As the way we learn in the 21st century changes, teachers and companies must change and adapt the methods in which they give over information. This subject is special because while relevant to the specific field of education and giving over information, it also embodies much of the challenges that these generations face. Challenges from the use of technology to teach children (television in kindergarten) to how young professionals undergo training in their respected job marketplaces. This subject also can deal with how ideas spread over networks and social media sharing. Speakers for this subject can be found in revolutionary education systems and human resource departments of established companies.

The new world order   

Lasting Peace or back to War? In our generation's influence in the world of diplomacy the world shifts from classic(governmental) diplomacy into public diplomacy, more emphasis has been put on the effects of civil societies to connect and build relationships with other people. Public diplomacy has now become a tool and a method used by governmental and non-governmental organizations to promote peace and reach a greater understanding of universal values. Speakers for this subject can be found in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a variety of International Diplomacy Institutions, or in the world of academia in this field.