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Written by Content Director       Atara Zeidner

TEDxIDCHerzliya: Why we chose The New Millenium

December 31st, 1999 was an exciting time. Many expectations, as well as uncertainties, were anticipated for the start of a new Millenium. There have been world-changing advancements and society has gone through many different eras in a matter of a short time period.  The memorable moments from the past 20 years are far too great to count, but here is a crash course for all you instant-gratificationers;  Society entered the information age, we have the mighty and measureless internet that can access almost any information in a matter of seconds; self-driving cars are no longer a dream but a slightly expensive reality. Unfortunately, these moments can’t go without mentioning the tragedies that came along with this time period, namely the atrocity that was 9/11, the 2007/8 Financial crisis, and the unforgettable picture of a lifeless Syrian toddler washed up on the shores of the Mediterranean. MeToo! is no longer an exclamation but a proclamation and the distinct smell of weed on the street is no longer given a second glance. China and the US are going through a nasty divorce. Also, the first black president was elected in the US, Beijing Olympics took place, legalization of same-sex marriages, the age of Bieber fever, Brittany Spear’s breakdown, and many more...

Popular trends have followed in the footsteps of this change. Just think about it for a minute... we no longer rent DVDs or memorize people’s phone numbers. Instead, we text with more emojis than with words, kale and avocado toast have become the new burger and people actually go and demonstrate for the protection of our planet. Let’s not forget,  if we didn’t post it did it even happen?

The past 20 years of this millennium are represented by revolutionary change; change that was only made possible by individuals who created an impact with their ideas. We at TEDxIDCHerzliya recognize our generation’s evolution and as a result, we have chosen to advocate The New Millenium as our guiding light.

The discussions that will be brought to the table by our speakers will discuss advancements throughout time and spread ideas with an influence on the future of this Millenium. Varying from people who merely have an idea to some of these decades, top entrepreneurs. The subjects discussed will touch numerous fields all relevant to our lives on an individual and societal level.

Beyond the advancements that the 21st century has experienced it also faced its challenges. Wars, terrorist attacks, disease, and many more. Unfortunately, society is rather desensitized to these acts as we have inflicted an incredible amount of suffering around the globe. Nowadays this is all too familiar, we are living our childhood horror movie as the Coronavirus decided to become our new reality TV show. The consequences are devastating and this new reality has affected every one of us with no difference in race, social status, economic status, or whether you’re a Beitar or Hapoel supporter. Despite the uncertainty that comes with these challenges, so does opportunity, and it is all about who takes advantage of it. Some notable ones are the transformation to digitalization in almost every industry.  New technologies were created over-night to accommodate this new reality, allowing us to learn, work, see doctors, and even have a date online (some of us at least). This truly represents the New Millenium and therefore we believe that the amazing ways our society has functioned over the last 20 years are worth sharing. 

The reason we have achieved what we have till this day is thanks to those people who think differently and make an impact. As the TEDxIDCHerzliya Lead Organizer, Yizi Zobin summed up our event’s purpose by saying “These changes touch upon everyone. The diversity of the discussions in the new millennium is something that touches the heart of many people. Whether its technology, climate change, education, culture, art whatever the subject may be it is something that has evolved tremendously and looking forward will keep on changing and perhaps change civilization. To create a discussion on that is to be part of the change and the growth of the new millennium

We believe in the power of people sharing ideas worth spreading, for as Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Company) wisely once said “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success”. On account of this uniting reason, we have created our platform as an arena where people can share their knowledge, thoughts, and solutions, and together as one, we can advocate for the betterment of our world and future world.